Connie Rose


A graduate school 'cut and paste' course fired up my interest in graphic design. That was 1978 and I have been working in the field ever since. My professional experience began on the Mac SE, using Illustrator 88, Photoshop and Pagemaker. Over the years I have developed expertise in a wide range of design software and platforms and have enjoyed the advances in the industry.

I have worked in various settings: print shops, publishing companies, newspapers and now I do freelance design work. I have a depth of expertise in 4-color printing: processing files, flight checking, correcting trap issues, resolution issues, actually running (and cleaning) film processors. Thankfully, the days of hands-on dealing with these complex production issues is pretty much over, although I understand the nuanced differences between files for printing and files for internet use - an important distinction. I have worked closely with printers around the world, producing beautiful programs, business reports, music and video packaging...the options are endless.

My experience and interest dovetails with a lifelong interest in photography. I have a photo studio and can shoot products to utilize in various advertising art – customizing and highlighting your products. Or incorporate your own product photographs into useful digital files.

I enjoy page design and book cover design, and have designed and produced files for self publishers, as well as updating previous publications to current electronic file formats. I also have experience with music CD inserts, posters, banners, just about anything really. My hallmark, I am told, is my speed, creativity and accuracy. I like to say: speed, creativity, accuracy - choose two.


  • graphic design
  • photo illustration
  • book cover design
  • photography
  • pre-press
  • fast accurate work
  • editing
  • and typography.


  • various design programs
  • print processing
  • photography
  • typesetting in English and Spanish
  • Speed and creativity